You Can Learn a Lot from an Ugly Pie Crust

A lumpy, mishapen patched up pie crust before baking

“Can I help you with the pie mommy? Please?” “I WANT TO HELP!!!!” Two young boys bound into the kitchen on a Thanksgiving morning. My first response was an internal sigh. It’s so much easier and faster if I just do it, especially when it comes to a finicky pie crust. But I thought, hey … Read moreYou Can Learn a Lot from an Ugly Pie Crust

Best Tips for Whole30 Success

Whole30 meal of smoked pork loin, butternut squash and a green salad with Whole30 ranch dressing

I did it. I survived the Whole30 eating program. 30 days without added sugar, alcohol, bread, legumes and processed foods. I am very much the average Joe, and I simply wanted better health after an entire summer eating pop tarts, chips, ice cream and fast food. I’m a sweets and carb-loader from way back, and … Read moreBest Tips for Whole30 Success

2 Weeks In: How I’m Surviving Whole30

Whole30 breakfast meal 3 fried eggs w/ghee, green onion, blueberries, cashews, cucumber and tomato

***This is NOT a sponsored post. This is me simply being tired of feeling like a can of busted biscuits and making my shirts and leggings scream for mercy on a regular basis. I have decided to take ownership of my unhealthy relationship with food and get back on track to my body’s original factory … Read more2 Weeks In: How I’m Surviving Whole30

How to Avoid Guilt Over Holiday Eating

Post may contain affiliate links, please see my Disclosure and Policy statement for details. I just enjoyed a lot of junk food over the course of a holiday week and I don’t feel guilty about it at all, despite my recent weight loss. I enjoyed an early Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, homemade enchiladas … Read moreHow to Avoid Guilt Over Holiday Eating

What I Learned After 2 Weeks of Healthy Food and Exercise

**This post may contain affiliate links for products I have tried, love and recommend. In a recent post, I told you about how I ask my sons to tell me 3 good things about their day as soon as they get home from school. And in an effort to concentrate on the positive, I held … Read moreWhat I Learned After 2 Weeks of Healthy Food and Exercise

Kitchen Therapy: The Great Escape

Do you ever spend so much time around kids that your eyes start to cross a little bit? I’m grateful to be able to be here any time I am needed, but sometimes I need an escape in my own house, you know what I mean? I really enjoy making things from scratch every now … Read moreKitchen Therapy: The Great Escape

A Wooden Spoon Life Tip

A wooden spoon keeps a pot from boiling over? I vaguely remember hearing that somewhere, and just got a chance to test it out. I was boiling a big pot of taters for a double batch of mashed potatoes when it got a little out of control. The water was madly rising to the top, … Read moreA Wooden Spoon Life Tip

Cheap & Easy, Bone-Fallin’, Finger-Lickin’ Roasted Chicken

This is the easiest, cheapest recipe I’ve found for roasted chicken, and my family loves it. It takes just a few, basic ingredients you probably already have at home. Whole chickens are about $5 each, and will feed my family of 4 at least two meals. one whole chicken (5 or 6 pounds) one medium onion 4 Tbsp butter … Read moreCheap & Easy, Bone-Fallin’, Finger-Lickin’ Roasted Chicken

Cooking With Love…

Store-bought gifts have their place, but sometimes all you can give is what you have at home, and it really is the thought that counts.  My love language is cooking from the heart, especially when it comes to my family. We cut out a lot of extra spending to get out of debt, and I … Read moreCooking With Love…

You Win, Giant Ham

Post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure and Policy statement for details. Over the summer we were generously given a 20 lb. Tennessee Country Ham. I’m talking the huge, serious type of smoked country ham that hangs from racks in a smokehouse. After consulting Wikipedia I am well aware of what it takes … Read moreYou Win, Giant Ham

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