Throwback to a Vintage Halloween

children dressed in vintage costumes in the 1970's

My mother is a saint. She gets texts like this from me on the regular, and she always delivers. “Do you have that old picture of me in the library in my Woody Woodpecker costume? -Oh my goodness, I don’t remember it. I can look in the trunk. It might have been a newspaper clipping. … Read moreThrowback to a Vintage Halloween

Awesome 80’s Movie Quotes That Shaped My Life

Sitting down and remininscing about the 80’s brings me great joy. The VHS/Beta wars were hot back then, as were my tight rolled jeans, Keds, and mall hair. I couldn’t wait for school to let out every day so I could indulge in my favorite movies. Over and over and over again. These treasures helped … Read moreAwesome 80’s Movie Quotes That Shaped My Life

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