Because Of Who’s Watching

Because Of Who’s Watching

Well here we are, almost the end of February. If you recall, in my post Failed New Year’s Goals I talked about how February is the time where people start losing steam on new habits. I also told you about how my other goals may fall short, but chasing a dream of being a writer is one that I sincerely don’t want to fail.

Why? Well, I think in life there are some things that are just in every fiber of your being and you will suffer if you don’t live in that gift somehow. What is that gift for you? Counseling others, event planning, painting, art, song? We all have something in us dying to get out. You should let it out.

I know a huge drawback for anyone chasing anything new is a fear of failure. What if other people are counting on you? What would people think? What if you let someone down? What if you let yourself down?

Those are all legitimate concerns, but how would you feel at the end of the line if you came to the realization that you never even tried? That time had run out. That your later became never.

You should go for it now. Because it’s such a relief to live in your gifts, whether you fail or succeed. It’s a gift to yourself, and it’s a gift because of who’s watching.

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You never know who’s watching or who might need you to brave the waters and go first.

The cogs have started rolling for me with writing and I have found myself on big publications. Thank you, because I worked really hard for that (and I was rejected 8 billion times first.)

I am part of a Mastermind group, and our admins push us to think a little bigger, go a little higher. And to hold ourselves accountable by choosing someone to check in on our progress every week, aside from the group.

For me, that’s my husband. He’s a burly man’s man that loves to see numbers and plans on paper, so he was a logical choice. He also knows how to talk to me about these things without making me mad, for the most part.

We were challenged to write down our goals and map out how they would be accomplished, bit by bit. My brain was on fire at the end of the exercise, but I ended up with a road map on how to get things accomplished and I saw that what I wanted to do was possible.

My goal was to make $1,500 in February from freelance writing. So I wrote that out at the top of a piece of paper and listed the several possibilities to get that accomplished.


I also did one better, and posted that paper to the outside pantry door in the kitchen and I told my kids that it was mommy’s homework and it was their job to make sure I did it. You can imagine the joy and fanfare it brought to my 8-year-old that he would get to nag me about homework for a change. And my toddler can clearly say “mommy’s homework,” it’s adorable.

So as the month progressed, I started highlighting the benchmarks that were accomplished, and every time I screeched that highlighter across the paper, I enlisted the help of my two very willing young sons to cheer and clap and celebrate.

Yay mommy!!!!!” is my favorite exclamation, and I probably say it the loudest. It feels good to get there and take my family with me.

So how did I do on the goal? I did not make $1,500.

As it stands thus far to finish out February, I have made $1,910! I will be able to cover childcare and the mortgage, and the cost of a new laptop because this one is seriously dying. Yay mommy!!!!!!! 

I also want to mention that even though you may know who’s watching you chase your dreams in your home, you may not know who else is watching.

I don’t 100% feel like I truly know what I’m doing in how I go about this, but I was contacted recently by a dear friend from my teen years, and it was one of the best compliments of my life. She said that she has been quietly following my progress for a while. It is somewhat painful for her because she said it was a reminder that she wasn’t following her own passions, but in watching what I’m doing, she felt inspired to get moving on her dream, and she took the beginning steps to get there.

Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than that. You never know who just needs you to go first before they’re comfortable sticking their own toes in the water.

And if you’re still on the fence at all, I will tell you what I told her to send her over the edge to try (in a good way.)

When I get to my death bed. I want to look up at my sons, both of whom are standing on either side of me holding my hand. I want to look up at them and smile and say “I did it. Don’t worry about me. I used everything I had and I did it.” And they will know exactly what I’m talking about because they saw it.

So do it. Take one small step today. Do it for you, and do it because of who’s watching.



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  1. Such truth, Audra. I needed this today. I feel so inadequate so often, especially when I start putting myself out there as some sort of thought leader. But, I would be so proud if either of my children grew up to conquer their fears and lead in their chosen field as I have done. So I will persevere. 🙂

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