When Their Baby Words Are Almost Gone

When Their Baby Words Are Almost Gone

When kids grow up and their baby words start to disappear

It really is a moment when your kids start to grow up out of toddlerhood and start pronouncing words correctly, isn’t it? We get so used to them and their little quirks and we adopt their words into our own vocabulary.

Sometimes a family has its own language, you know what I mean? When cereal is “cee-yo” and we need to wear a coat because it’s “berry chiwwy” outside and for a time we have to translate to the general public what our kids are saying.

When their baby words are almost gone-Real Honest Mom

I stopped in my tracks the other day as my 4 year old and I were putting together a numbers puzzle and he said seven instead of “sebben.” I was instantly transported into the “enjoy them while they’re young” crowd and I slightly panicked, wondering where in the heck my baby went.

The baby that used to follow a millimeter behind me everywhere I went and tugged on my shirt, not interested in any way, shape, or form of letting me out of his sight is perfectly okay now when I leave. Though he still makes multiple requests for “meewlk” (milk) just as big brother did, he can now get it himself if he wanted to without major disaster.

Their little mispronunciations really are a blessing, aren’t they? When they start to disappear as our kids grow up, it calls on us to look back and reflect and force us to see just how far we’ve come when we feel like we’ve been standing still for so long.

I think Santa needs a drink

I felt the same way when I came across an old holiday picture of my 9-year-old who has now self-diagnosed himself as “too old” to sit on Santa’s lap. He was a year old back then. And though he acts embarrassed every time we tell him this story, he loves to hear it.

My oldest no longer asks for “mo gwavies” when I make biscuits and gravy like he did around the time he and Santa traumtized each other in that picture. He still asks for more, but his baby words are gone. All except for still calling me “mommy” which I cling to like the dickens.

He doesn’t need me like he used to. It’s a bittersweet feeling. Relief and sorrow at the same time. So then I’m grateful to have a younger one close by.

bath toys

Motherhood. Taking you through 900 different emotions within a day and never a dull moment.

On the Real Honest Mom blog Facebook page, I relayed the fleeting baby word sentiment  and asked others to share their favorite words that their kids used to say. I got so many heartwarming responses, I wanted to share a few of those with you.

My 2-year-old calls his big sister “Wizzbizz.” (Elizabeth) It’s going to be a low point in my year the day he grows out of that one.                             -Laura H.

Derian said toxic milk for chocolate milk. It took the longest time and his older brother to decipher that one.                                                               –   Tammie P.

Anna used to say “brefget” for breakfast and pork “pops” instead of pork chops. It was so sad when she stopped! Kate still sometimes says “cimmonen” and I hope she never stops!                                                                                               -Maleia C.

Hopnern for popcorn. Favoriteville for Fayetteville. WoeWoes for overalls. And last year (at age 11) my youngest told me he had a tick bite on his ear loaf. I could not bring myself to correct him. By the time he got home from school, he knew it was earlobe. On a side note, he no longer trusts me. 😊                                  -Laura H.

Let’s face it, sometimes in parenthood, we need these endearing moments to keep going, you know what I mean? It can be such a “head egg” (headache) as my youngest says.

I keep my camera roll on my phone fully loaded and ready to go at a moment’s notice. It really does go so fast. God bless it those words just came out of my mouth.

But it’s what we do. It’s our job to raise them up and set them free. And embarrass them with all of the cute little things they used to say after they grow up. I can’t wait until their graduation parties. 🙂 Especially now that my youngest’s favorite show on Netflix is “Godziwwa”.

Ready for cuteness overload? Click below to head on over to the Baby Words thread on the Facebook page to see all of the other comments and feel free to add your own!

And no matter how big our kids get, may we never stop telling them about all of the cute things they used to say and do. I promise you, they love it.

Kids are awesome.

When kids start to grow up and start saying their "baby words" correctly

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