I Have Good News and I Have Bad News…

I Have Good News and I Have Bad News…

Okay, so I have good news and I have bad news. Do you want the bad news first?

Okay, the bad news is that moms in minivans making 3-point maneuvers in the driveway do not mix with toddler pedal cars.

Pedal car

It was left out close to the driveway where it wasn’t supposed to be and I didn’t see it. Believe me when I say that it hurt me more than it hurt my toddler who was in the car with me, because I love this van.

My van!
My van!

My 3 year old said “Mommy! You hit my car! The wheel fell off. I’m telling Daddy.”


Okay, yes I hit his car. But he has only played with it 3 times since 2010 and in his eyes, there were no tears. (And I’m pretty sure Daddy can fix it.)

Are you ready for the good news? While I may not be able to be trusted with pedal cars, I can be trusted with other fun kid stuff.

I’m so happy to share that I’ve been selected as a blogger with the National Geographic Kids Insider program!

National Geographic Kids INSIDER LOGO Hi-Res

This means National Geographic Kids (based in Washington, D.C.) will send me products and activities to try every month and I will share about them here on my blog.

It’s a huge opportunity, as they only select approximately 50 bloggers nationwide. I will be partnering with them for 1 year and I plan to share about our new adventures once a month in much the same way as the Best Road Trip Ever.

Here is the press release they just sent out today with a complete list of the bloggers chosen.

I’m thrilled to be a part of it! There’s nothing better than combining your love of writing with fun kids stuff, especially when your kids would do anything to learn more about dinosaurs and nature.

I think my husband is almost as excited as I am, he’s a big fan of National Geographic and I just earned big respect points in regards to big-name clout with the man of the house. Not that I didn’t already have it, but you know… A little extra oomph never hurt anybody.

So be on the lookout for more exciting posts from me on educational fun stuff with National Geographic Kids in the near future, and I promise I will be on the lookout for the kids’ toys in the driveway. Win-win. Cheers!

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