3 Big Business Boutique Takeaways and November Prayers

3 Big Business Boutique Takeaways and November Prayers

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If you follow me on social media at all, you are probably well aware that I attended Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville.

I made several social media posts about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and it was life-changing.

Something that I really needed to do, and a big reason I went to the conference was to gain clarity and a central focus for writing and my blog and figure out my next steps.

3 Big Business Boutique Takeaways and November Prayers
Photo: Audra Rogers

I like to write about so many things. I love to write about encouraging parents, chasing long lost dreams, parenting, getting healthy with food and exercise, family finances, fun kids stuff and family travel.

I like to just live life first and then write about whatever strikes me.

That’s good, but then I look at my site and think, for a first time visitor they are probably wondering what the heck does this chick do? What’s her thing?

Big Takeaway #1: Getting Clear On What You Do and Who Your Audience Is

I was sitting in a crowd of 3,000 women and many of us have varied interests and are still ironing out a clear path. So we were told to ask ourselves these questions.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What gives you energy?
  • What are your values?
  • What sets you apart?
  • Who are you?

Writing is my strength and it gives me life and energy. A unique thing I can bring to the writing marketplace is that I also have full video shooting and editing capabilities so I can offer video elements to any client I work with. I love to inspire and encourage.

I am a lost-then-found mother of two that found new life after getting back to my inner-child and roots of writing. I am also a woman of faith. I don’t talk about it a lot on my blog because I didn’t want to offend potential readers that aren’t believers.

But I have to be who I am. I have to to be. So another big takeaway was hearing that **not everyone is your target audience.**

If I lose readers over mentions of faith, that’s okay. I don’t want to, but I don’t expect that my blog is everyone’s cup of tea or will make everyone happy.

My blog will still be about parenting and encouragement, but a big part of how I survive parenting is by faith and collecting new experiences. So I will talk about faith where it’s appropriate.

Readers that might choose to leave over that aren’t bad people, I’m just not their person. And that’s okay.

Big Takeaway #2: There’s Room For You Too

We often are afraid to start because so many other people are doing what we do. Someone else is doing it bigger, doing it better and it seems that the market is saturated and they have all the customers, so why bother.

Christy said yes, someone is probably already doing it but don’t compare yourself because you are on different paths. And if someone else is already doing it, SO WHAT? No one else can do it exactly the way you can because we are all unique, diverse people.

You can study and learn so much from your competitors. What are they doing right? What unique take can you bring to the market? How can you do something differently than they do? How can you help each other? THERE’S ROOM FOR YOU TOO!

In a room of 3,000 not one woman raised their hand when asked if the goal of the conference was just to make a big pile of money. There is a higher purpose in what we do and you should go with your passion, even if it’s similar to someone else’s. There’s room for you too.

Big Takeaway #3: Writing The Letter

This one was big. Huge. We ended the Business Boutique on a big, fat surprise that brought everyone to tears.

Christy had us take a few minutes to write a letter to another woman at the conference. I can write out what happened here, but it’ll be so much better for you to see the emotion behind it with your own eyes.

See why that exercise turned out to be the biggest thing for me here on my recording via Facebook Live:

If for any reason the video doesn’t show up, you can find it pinned at the top of the RealHonestMomBlog Facebook page.


3 Big Business Boutique Takeaways and November Prayers
Photo: Audra Rogers

Alright, now let me tell you something.

I am being called into ministry and I feel it in my very bones. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I know I’m being prepped for something bigger. That doesn’t mean I’m going to preach onstage or go into seminary, there are all kinds of ministry.

People that make hair bows and bake cakes, there is ministry in that because you are preparing something out of love with your very hands. There is ministry in sharing words and life experiences, for instance. My jam is crafting words and it’s why I’m here.

Nothing has happened yet and I don’t know if it will be tomorrow or in a year, but I am ready.

I’m not scared anymore. I’m just not. And that’s God because I’m kind of a wimp underneath it all otherwise, really.

I really feel like big doors are about to open and this time I’m ready. God has opened many doors for me in the past but I was too afraid to walk through them. But I’m ready now. It’s go time.

I have my November prayers ready. Ready for holiday stress, ready for insanity as a parent, ready for what’s to come. And I want to share those with you.

3 Big Business Boutique Takeaways and November Prayers
Photo: Audra Rogers


Lord God:

-Help me to always hear the birds singing outside no matter how cold the weather.

-Help me to always feel small when I walk outside.

-Open doors of opportunity and give me the continued courage to walk through them.

-Open the doors that are truly good for me and protect me from the ones that aren’t, no matter how bad I think I want them.

-Remind me to stop and breathe before the stress hits. Help me be still and know.

-Reveal the things to me that I need to see in other people so that I can see them as You see them and as You see me, with love and understanding.

-Help me to see me as You see me.

-Fill me with the grace and the right words for on-the-spot situations that would otherwise cause me to lose it. Help me to always remember that angry words don’t truly help any situation.

-Help me to keep my eyes on You, regardless of the world I see in front of me or what I am offered.

-Help me be a light and use me for good. Give me the strength to stay true to myself and my family and what I think, feel and believe no matter what opportunities may present themselves.

-May I always honor and be true to the people I serve and may I always honor You through it.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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