2 Weeks In: How I’m Surviving Whole30

2 Weeks In: How I’m Surviving Whole30

***This is NOT a sponsored post. This is me simply being tired of feeling like a can of busted biscuits and making my shirts and leggings scream for mercy on a regular basis. I have decided to take ownership of my unhealthy relationship with food and get back on track to my body’s original factory settings. Thanks for reading 🙂


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about parenthood, it’s this: how I physically feel has everything to do with my moods, energy, confidence and parenting. When I’m sluggish, down and tired, my efforts in all areas-namely family, household and life in general- are cut short across the board.

Which starts a common cycle of feeling like crap, phoning it in, then feeling like crap again. I decided I was tired of feeling like a low-energy can of busted biscuits, so I wanted to do something.

Whole30 breakfast meal 3 fried eggs w/ghee, green onion, blueberries, cashews, cucumber and tomato
3 fried eggs w/ghee, green onion, blueberries, cashews, cucumber and tomato

So What Did You Change?

I have done workout programs before. I had success with Body for Life and P90x in years past, but my results never stuck around because I was going right back to the heart of what got me in trouble in the first place: my relationship with food.

I’m an emotional eater, especially of sweets and we had a long, lazy free eating summer. I don’t apologize for it because we made a lot of memories at the pool, drive-in theater, and trips to the stocked pantry in the kitchen. We had pop-tarts, chips, homemade cookies and brownies and banana breads.

I love to bake and it’s part of my love language, but it’s not great for overall health because I have a very hard time with moderation. I decided to go for the gusto with something radical and give my body a reset back to it’s original factory settings. And I started Whole30.

label on a can of green beans showing sugar content
There. is. sugar. in. green. beans.

What’s Prohibited on Whole30?

All the favorites, the heavy hitters. No dairy, no whole grains, no bread, no legumes, no sweeteners, no alcohol. For 30 days, only whole, unprocessed natural foods with zero sugar. ZERO. SUGAR.

I was still intrigued by the program though. I am passionate about sweets, but I know they are a problem and my body’s hormones are all out of whack. It’s why I think I’m hungry 1 hour after eating a huge fast food value meal, and the reason I have crash and burn sugar lows, down moods and extra poundage.

Think of Whole30 as essentially Paleo. Eat 1 protein, 2 vegetables, 1 healthy fat, fruit in moderation. Don’t count calories or portion sizes, but listen to your body and get familiar with how much you can eat to feel satisfied but not overly full.

Picture of a whole30 meal for lunch with grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomato and hard boiled eggs
Grilled chicken, mini cucumbers, roma tomato, apple slices, avocado dressing

How Long Have You Been Doing It?

I did a 7 day trial run when school was back in full swing. I wanted to make sure I could plan and handle all of the meal prep and I’m glad I did.

So I gave myself a week to read the books and then started full swing a week later. So technically, I’m at 3 weeks, though 2 official . I followed the trial week at about 90% because I had groceries to use up and I was still getting the hang of what I could and couldn’t have and how to cook differently.

Whole30 lunch meal with tuna salad on greens and sweet potato soup
Tuna salad on greens with sweet potato soup. Avocado mixed in tuna salad.

What Are Your Results on Whole30 for 2 Weeks?

I weighed myself at the start of the trial week so I would have a starting number. I weighed myself again at the end of that week to have an official starting point. In those 7 days, I lost 7 pounds. Yes, 7. I believe it was that much because I was eating a lot of salty, sugary processed foods and was retaining water. (Plus, for the first 2 days I had headaches and didn’t have a big appetite.)

After 2 official weeks on Whole30, I don’t know how much I weigh because you’re not supposed to measure, so I haven’t. But I can tell in the way my clothes fit that I’m down at least 1 clothing size. I don’t feel like a can of busted biscuits making my leggings scream for mercy right now, so that’s good.

During Body for Life and P90x, my body composition changed more than scale weight moved, so I expect the same here after the initial weight loss. I’ll keep you posted.

A whole30 breakfast meal made of scrambled eggs, tomato, cucumber, sliced avocado
Scrambled eggs, tomato, cucumber, sliced avocado

What’s the Goal though? Are you exercising?

The key to doing this isn’t weight loss, truly. It’s about paying close attention to how I feel more than anything else. My energy and moods are elevated, which is huge to me. I haven’t felt depressed at all since I started eating whole foods and I’m more active. I’m not doing formal workouts, but we are doing family bike rides and walks on nature trails, that sort of thing. And I’m not snacking between meals because I’m full with 3 meals of quality foods.

I believe that’s why I’m not tempted to stray when I make other foods for my family. (I know the kids aren’t going to eat roasted cabbage or cauliflower)

Food prep, sliced onions, potatoes and carrots
Prep prep prep, all the prep.

Who’s On the Plan?

Just me for now. I have plenty enough to deal with in getting control of my own eating habits. I don’t need a whole house full of hangry people, and there’s no way I could get dairy away from my 4 year old, the all-time biggest lover of whole milk and cheese. And I don’t really want to.

It has, however, made me very aware of what I’m feeding everyone. My husband has liked some of the new recipes, and the kids have too, though they are mostly sampling at this point. I ask them to try things, but don’t force them to eat it. They are open to trying new things and I share when they like something.

Roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and cinnamon
Mine and the kids all time fave: roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and cinnamon. I got a little crazy with the cinnamon. Photo: RealHonestMomBlog

How Are You Surviving Whole30?

When I do food prep, I make plenty extra to keep leftovers in the fridge for the unexpected, which is a lifesaver.

For instance, one night I completely forgot about a parent orientation meeting at the school until an hour before it started. I was able to grab leftover roasted sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs and macadamia nuts/cashews out of the fridge in a pinch.

It was not my favorite meal, but it worked. I also make large batches of the chili in the recipe book, sweet potato soup, chicken breasts, scrambled eggs and I keep lots of fresh produce on hand, like mini cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

If you screw up, you have to start the 30 days over again. Which is probably another reason I’m staying on plan. I’m doing well right now, but no way do I want to start over again.

Bowl of yellow curry chicken and carrots with cashews
Dinner: yellow curry chicken and carrots with cashews

After Whole30, Then What?

After the 30 days, you reintroduce certain foods bit by bit to see what might be causing your body to react unfavorably to different foods. So if you eat beans and you toot, then you know there’s something going on with your digestion there, though it’s a pretty common reaction.

I hope to be able to stay off of the intense levels of sugar I was on, because they were causing problems. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a large number of foods forever, just long enough to get your body back to the way it’s supposed to process food. I’ll learn a lot more about my body and the no-no’s at the end of the 30 days.

I’m old school like that. Photo: RealHonestMomBlog

I bought a dollar store notebook just for the occasion. I’m journaling all of my meals, what time I ate, how I felt, complications, temptations, prep work, what’s good what’s not.

I will share a results post at the end of the program this month.

How Can I Learn More About Whole30?

Here are the books I’ve been reading obsessively.

Whole30 and It Starts With Food books
I once was blind but now I see. Photo: RealHonestMomBlog

The little one goes in-depth about how your body processes food, which is important to understand so you know what’s going on with your body. It also includes the details of the Whole30 program. The Whole30 book is all the bells, whistles and helpful hints about succeeding with Whole30, including how to handle restaurants, naysayers, etc.

The above links are referral links but I am not affiliated with the Whole30 program. All food and readage was purchased by me 🙂

I will share more tips as I go and learn more! Thanks for reading.

Tips and Tricks on how to survive the Whole30 meal plan after 2 weeks of eating whole unprocessed foods.

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